Guided Spring Bear Hunts


We take a few spring black bear hunters each year in the Yellowstone area. The best time for hunts in this area is the last two weeks of May and the first week of June. Because of the altitude in this area, we are able to hunt later than most areas before the hides are rubbed too badly. Over the years we have killed quite a few good black bears, including several over six feet and a few nearer to seven feet.

We hunt these bears in fair chase, as in all of our hunts, meaning we do not use dogs or bait. We spend early morning and late evening glassing for bears. When one is spotted, we plan a stalk that we hope will put us within gunshot of the bear. Using this method we have been able to consistently provide over 50% of our hunters with an opportunity to shoot a bear.

I don't think you can hunt bears anywhere else in the United States and see the color variation as we have. Approximately 60% of our bears are black color phase; the remaining 40% will range anywhere from a light blonde to a dark chocolate color. Some black bears even take on the "silver-tip" color phase most commonly associated with grizzly bears.

If you are not hunting bears during mid-day, you can fish or tour Yellowstone. Some hunters have used the opportunity to combine a family vacation with a bear hunting trip.


Our price is $3000 per person for a 5 day 1x2 hunt. Bring a buddy, and you both hunt for only $5,000 - a $1,000 savings!!!!! Prices for longer than 5 days are available upon request. Please call me for licensing requirements and prices.


License price is between $350 and $450, and must be applied for before April 14. This is a guaranteed license. For more information visit the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks website.

What We Provide
  • Guided hunts include 1 guide for each 2 hunters. If you don't have a partner, we may be able to provide one for you. However, I will give you a better price on your hunt if you come with your own partner.

  • We have comfortable, but not plush sleeping and dining facilities for our guests. You can get a shower, use a phone, and sleep in a bed every night. The price of your hunt includes pick up and delivery to the Bozeman, Montana airport for those who wish to arrive by airplane.
  • Access to the hunting area can be by horse, 4WD, on foot, or a combination of the above. This is your hunt, we can make it as demanding or as relaxed as you want.
  • We provide game retrieval and transportation of meat to a meat processor. Should you desire to take your game home with you unprocessed, we will hang it for you (indoors) for the week. We also provide trophy preparation (caping) and transportation to a taxidermist, should you desire. You will have to pay for all meat processing, meat shipping, taxidermy work, and trophy shipping.
  • An unforgettable experience in the great Montana outdoors.

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