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Free Hunt? Not really, but does our poor economy have you dreaming of a Montana hunt instead of going on one?  Would you rather barter work, guiding, or (?) for a hunt?  Wilderness Connection has several building projects including historic building renovations in progress.  You could possibly come to Montana, spend 2-3 weeks of your sweat equity, and also do an elk/mule deer hunt at the same time.  We’re open to any good ideas.

The following preservation projects are on tap - please e-mail us for pictures.

Project #1 – Reconstruct foaling shed – This 3 sided log shed needs to be disassembled, moved about 20 feet and reassembled on railroad ties.  The building is approximately 15’ x 30’.  It will take the work of two people for approximately 1 week.

Project #2 – Jack up original ranch house  This building will be an ongoing project for the next 4-5 years.  The log building was built in 1910 or so.  My plans for the building are to raise and reset the building on either concrete block or poured walls.  The grade of the building needs to be approximately 4’ higher than it currently is.  The building is fairly sound, except for a rotten floor.

Project #3 –We have two newer projects that are being planned.  One is a 30x30 equipment shed and the other is a 10’x40’ addition to an older building.

Project #4 –We’re looking for qualified plumbers, licensed electricians, and concrete contractors   for a larger project that will hopefully kick off in the next couple years.

Equipment option – We’re always open to good ideas.  Since we’re a working ranch, the right equipment can always be put to good use, and I might be willing to trade.  Ideas include:  ATVs, older 4x4 Suburbans in fine working condition, older flatbed pickups, 8’x40’ metal storage containers, or misc building materials.


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