General Season Rifle Hunts
in Yellowstone Area (Fully Guided)


Our hunting area north of Yellowstone National Park has one of the best elk populations in the state, largely due to the fact that private ranches provide year-round food and secure habitat. In addition, when inclement weather arrives between mid-October and Thanksgiving, the hunting is often considered the finest in the world!

For an area that has such good elk hunting, the deer hunting isn't too bad either! Montana state regulations do not allow us to hunt mule deer during the last two weeks of our rifle season. Therefore, while our first few hunts are elk/mule deer combination hunts, the last two hunts are elk/whitetail combination hunts or elk only hunts. Since mule deer hunting is not allowed during the peak of the rut when they are most vulnerable, we shoot some dandies during the early stages of the rut during our first three weeks of hunting season. Average mature bucks would be 20 to 24 inches wide, although we have taken several in the 30 inch class.

In addition, we have taken voluntary steps in the past 10 years to manage our deer and elk herds for larger animals. See reverse trophy fees.


See schedule of hunts below.

Hunt Length

2015 Schedule.

2016 Schedule.


Once you book with us, you are assured that you will be able to get a license. This means no more drawing for a license. Hunt price does not include license purchase. See licensing.

What We Provide
  • Guided hunts include 1 guide for each 2 hunters. If you don't have a partner, we can provide one for you.
  • We have comfortable, but not plush sleeping and dining facilities for our guests. You can get a shower, use a phone, and sleep in a bed every night. The price of your hunt includes pick up and delivery to the Bozeman, Montana airport for those who wish to arrive by airplane.
  • Access to the hunting area can be by horse, 4WD, on foot, or a combination of the above. This is your hunt, we can make it as demanding or as relaxed as you want.
  • We provide game retrieval and transportation of meat to a meat processor. Should you desire to take your game home with you unprocessed, we will hang it for you (indoors) for the week. We also provide trophy preparation (caping) and transportation to a taxidermist, should you desire. You will have to pay for all meat processing, meat shipping, taxidermy work, and trophy shipping.
  • An unforgettable experience in the great Montana outdoors.

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