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Montana's deadline for licensing is March 15, 2015. Unfortunately, Montana no longer has guaranteed licenses. The price to apply for the elk/deer combination license is $959, the price to apply for the elk license is $809, and the deer license price is $575. This is the third year now that we haven't had outfitter sponsored guaranteed licenses, so it's really hard for me to guess as to what the drawing odds will be. I do know this much: it is now cheaper (by 27%) to apply for the draw license than it was to purchase the guaranteed license. In addition, it is 44% more expensive now to apply for the general draw than it was in 2010.

My theory is this: many folks who have applied for a general license in the past and haven't used the services of an outfitter will probably stay at home or will start elk hunting in a cheaper state - a 44% increase in licenses is like paying over $5 for a gallon of gas. There are 17,000 elk licenses available in the drawing, so my hope is that the odds of drawing the license will be very good, if not 100%. In fact, the drawing success in 2011 and 2012 under the new legislation and license system was 100%. I strongly suggest, if not insist, that any person applying for a license pay the extra $50 for a bonus point.

For more information on Montana's licensing requirements, prices, or regulations, visit the Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks website.

In addition, our hunting district now also requires hunters to apply by March 15 for the 313-40 permit. It is an unlimited permit, so anyone who applies can draw it. However, if a nonresident purchases a surplus elk license after March 15, they are given the option of purchasing any of the deer or elk unlimited permits across the state at that time. Special Permits

If the current date is later than March 15th, and you did not apply for a license, there is a strong likelihood that you still can. E-mail Rob at or call at 406-848-7862 for more information.


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