Mountain Goat Hunts
in the Yellowstone Area (Fully Guided)

Mountain Goat Application Deadline is May 1st!

Our hunting area north of Yellowstone National Park has excellent mountain goat habitat. Our mountain goat population is very robust and has been expanding its range and its population for over 15 years now. Several 9"+ billies have been shot in our hunting district in recent years. Ours is a very limited draw area, but Montana regulations do allow you to accumulate unlimited bonus points.

Mountain goat season in Montana runs from the middle of September until December 1st. It has been our experience that our goats are in their prime in early to mid-October. Beginning in late September the overnight temperatures drop considerably in our hunting area. This means that the goats put on their winter coat much earlier than in other areas. Our goats score well and are gorgeous trophies.

Drawing the license is the hard part. Wilderness Connection has only had one hunter in the past 4 years not connect on a goat. In fact in the past few years we have had 100% success during September/October. We attempted to hunt a "long-haired" goat in the middle of November. Dangerous hunting conditions and extreme weather prohibited us from harvesting a November animal, even though we saw numerous goats. For a reference, please contact John Healy at (412) 491-2545.


Our goat hunt is priced at $4500 for a six day hunt. Longer hunts are negotiable.

Hunt Length

All goat hunts are scheduled to arrive on a Saturday, hunt six days, and fly out the following Sunday. We have no set hunt schedule, as we are very flexible with our goat hunts.


Hunt price does not include license purchase. Licenses are only available through a limited draw. For more information visit the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks website. Our hunting district is 314. If the Montana FWP site does not answer all your questions, contact us for more details.

What We Provide
  • You will be guided one-on-one by an exceptional mountain guide.
  • We have comfortable, but not plush sleeping and dining facilities for our guests. You can get a shower, use a phone, and sleep in a bed every night. The price of your hunt includes pick up and delivery to the Bozeman, Montana airport for those who wish to arrive by airplane.
  • Access to the hunting area can be by horse, 4WD, on foot, or a combination of the above. Our goat hunts are done in rough, demanding territory and the days are long.
  • We provide game retrieval and transportation of meat to a meat processor. We also provide trophy preparation (caping) and transportation to a taxidermist, should you desire. You will have to pay for all meat processing, meat shipping, taxidermy work, and trophy shipping.
  • An unforgettable experience in the great Montana outdoors.


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